Beatrice Wong is an avid traveler based in Hong Kong and has visited over 100 countries.  Through her travels, she developed a passion for photography. She started her travel blog documenting her extensive travels in 2016 and in 2018 became one of the official Fujifillm X-Photographers.

Beatrice is drawn to remote places for their dramatic landscapes as well as slowly disappearing culture and traditions. She strives to capture these incredible experiences and share this sense of forgotten peace and tranquility with others.  Photography transcends language and cultural barriers. She hopes that through her lens you will be inspired to appreciate nature and make an effort to become more environmentally conscious.  These breathtaking landscapes are under threat and unless something is done, we may be left with only photographs and memories.

When not pursuing her travel and photographic passions, Beatrice manages her family’s trading and investment business in Hong Kong.  Beatrice is a graduate of Princeton University and Hotchkiss School in the US.

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