Narai-juku, April 2023

The Nakasendo Way, translates to the “middle mountain way”, once connected Edo (now Tokyo) to Kyoto during the Edo Period


Matsumoto, April 2023

Haven’t visited Japan in a while, this time other than Tokyo, we wanted to spend a couple days at an

Middle East

Abu Dhabi, Dec 2022

I have been to Dubai quite a few times but this is my first time visiting Abu Dhabi.  I came

Middle East

AlUla 5: Al Gharameel, Dec 2022

About an hour and half north of AlUla is Al Gharameel, the perfect place to sit in the desert and

Middle East

AlUla 4: Rocks of AlUla, Dec 2022

Over the milenia, a whole gallery of rocks here in AlUla has been sculpted by wind and water. The most

Middle East

AlUla 2: Hegra, Dec 2022

Coming to AlUla, especially Hegra, is like traveling back in time to this once busting and now nearly forgotten Nabatean

Middle East

Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Dec 2022

After several years of pandemic hiatus, I am excited to be traveling again and this time to Saudi Arabia where


Po Toi Island, Hong Kong May 2021

Time for another adventure in Hong Kong! 😃 The destination this time is Po Toi Island (蒲台島) which is the


Tsz Shan Monastery March 2021

It’s been a year since I have written a blog post, travelled, or even picked up my camera.  Last week I


Antarctica 8: Paradise Bay Feb 2020

Paradise Bay is lauded as one of the most beautiful locations on the Antarctic Peninsula.  Everything that is Antarctica can

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