Galle & Tangalle April 2010

Galle is a city in southwestern Sri Lanka and has been the main port of the island even before the arrival of the Portuguese.  Galle Fort of Galle, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, was first built by the Portuguese in the 16th century and then fortified by the Dutch during the 17th century.   It is now a sleepy walled city seeped with the Dutch-colonial charm of a bygone era.  The Fort area is filled with small boutiques, cafes, and boutique hotels side by side with government offices, courts, and local residences.  After spending several days in Galle, we headed to Tangalle for more of a beach holiday.  Tangalle is known for its sandy beaches on the southeastern coast of Sri Lanka.  In both places we stayed at properties owned by the Amanresorts: Amangalla in Galle Fort and Amanwella in Tangalle.

IMG_0860The Amangalla in Galle Fort

IMG_0854The verandah at Amangalla

IMG_0842Pool area at Amangalla

IMG_0847Cabanas by the pool at Amangalla

IMG_0861Tuk tuks are the most common mode of transport inside the Fort.

IMG_0822Take a stroll along the old city walls.

IMG_0825Cricket is the national sport here in Sri Lanka.

IMG_0827View of the port from the city walls.

IMG_0806Galle Lighthouse

IMG_0807Meera Mosque in Galle Fort

IMG_0802Meera Mosque on the left, Galle Lighthouse in the distance and Galle Fort walls.

IMG_0792Street in Galle Fort


IMG_0817Typical shops in Galle Fort

IMG_0814Galle Fort

IMG_0821Fishing boats at the harbor of Galle.

IMG_0883Amanwella in Tangalle

IMG_0925Pool at Amanwella

IMG_0896Beach house at Amanwella

IMG_0951View from the pool of Amanwella

IMG_0989Beach at Amanwella

IMG_0923Coconut grove area on the beach.











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