Cartagena March 2014

Cartagena, on the Colombian coast of the Caribbean, served as the main administration center for the Spaniards during the colonial period.  The colorful historic center with its 400 year old colonial houses is what inspired writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

We stayed at the Sofitel Legend Santa Clara hotel which was originally built as a convent in 1621 in the heart of the walled city.

20140216_120216Botero sculpture in the courtyard of the Sofitel Legend Santa Clara

20140216_115218The resident toucan at the hotel.

We went on a walking tour with Marelvy Pena-Hall where she showed us key landmarks of the walled city, places that were referred to in Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s stories, as well as some of the nicer restaurants and boutiques.  It is good to do this tour upon arrival so as to familiarise yourselves with the old city.

20140216_121230Colorful colonial houses



20140216_123458Many cute restaurants inside the old city.

20140216_122422These fruit ladies are called Los Palenqueras and they walk around in vibrant colored dresses carrying fresh fruit and sweets on their heads.

20140216_163421A short carriage ride is also a good way to orient yourself before exploring more on foot.



DSC03562St Peter Claver Church

20140216_164610Botero sculpture at Plaza Santo Domingo

20140216_171800Take a walk on top of the city wall.


20140216_175442One of the many beer gardens near the city wall.

20140216_175816The moving library in a cart.

There is a fortress called the Castillo San Felipe de Barajas.  The castle is located on a hill with strategic views of approaches to the city both by land and by sea.   It was built by the Spanish during the colonial era in 1536.



DSC03579Getsemani district filled with street art.

I didn’t find the fortress all that interesting.  Instead, I thoroughly enjoyed wandering around the Getsemani district which is a working class neighbourhood outside the walled city since the colonial times.  This is where to go to experience the real life of Cartagena with locals hanging out on the art-filled streets gossiping in plastic chairs or playing board games.  This is also where the hippest boutique hotels and restaurants are opening up.  Check out Cafe Havana for a night of live music and salsa dancing.









Enjoying a cup of coffee while watching the world go by – one of my favorite activities :)

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