Krakow July 2014

Krakow is one of the oldest cities in Poland.  During World War II, Krakow became the capital of the German General Government and because of that, it was spared from much destruction during the war.  Krakow has traditionally been one of the leading centers of Polish academic and cultural life with one of the oldest universities,  Jagiellonian University, in the world.  In 1978, the entire old town of Krakow was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Krakow’s main square, known as Rynek Glowny in Polish, is the largest of medieval European cities.  The rectangular square is surrounded by old townhouses and churches.  In the center of the square is the Cloth Hall which dates back to the Renaissance times and is the main market in the Old town.  On one side of the square is the Town Hall Tower and on the other side is the Gothic towers of St. Mary’s Basilica.  There are plenty of outdoor restaurants on the square for you to sit and watch the world go by.  I stayed at the Wentzl Hotel with a room facing the main square.  This is the only hotel fortunate enough to be on the ancient square.

DSCF1327View of Krakow main square from my room at the Wentzl Hotel.

DSCF1328View of the Town Hall Tower from my room at the Wentzl Hotel.

DSCF1222Krakow Main Square


DSCF1229Take a carriage ride around the old town.

DSCF1540The sculpture of the empty head near the Town Hall Tower in Krakow’s main square.


DSCF1337The Cloth Hall all lit up at dusk.


DSCF1342Cloth Hall

Explore the old town on foot and soak in the medieval atmosphere.  Take a walk along Kanonicza Street with its Renaissance houses which is part of the Royal Road leading from the main city gate to the Royal Castle on Wawel Hill.


DSCF1254Behind St. Mary’s Basilica


DSCF1265Florianska Gate is a gothic tower which was built as part of a protective wall around the Old town.

DSCF1558KFC vs the local warm twisted pretzel.

DSCF1554These giant pretzels are called obwarzanek and they are warm twisted rings of bread topped with poppy or sesame seeds. They are the original “fast food” here in Krakow.

DSCF1326There are also many street performers dotted around the Old Town.

DSCF1304Kanonicza Street



DSCF1290St Peter & Paul’s Church


DSCF1292St. Peter & Paul Church

At the end of the Royal Road is Wawel Castle up on Wawel Hill.  For centuries it was the residence of the Kings of Poland.  The castle has been built and rebuilt and modified over the years resulting in different architectural styles.  One of Leonardo da Vinci’s six paintings, Lady with an Ermine, is displayed at the museum here.

DSCF1309Wawel Cathedral

DSCF1577Wawel Cathedral

DSCF1314Wawel Castle

DSCF1312Wawel Castle

Other than exploring the old town of Krakow, we also walked to the old Jewish quarter of Kazimierz outside the city walls of the old town.  For many centuries, Kazimierz was a place of coexistence of the Christian and Jewish cultures.  During WWII, many Jewish inhabitants were forcibly relocated to the ghetto in Podgorze.  Today, the neighbourhood is gaining popularity again with cafes and nightlife becoming Krakow’s equivalent of Soho.



DSCF1595This was a film location for the movie Schindler’s List

DSCF1612Rabbi outside a synagogue in Kazimierz.

DSCF1604Old Jewish Cemetery

DSCF1617The 70 empty chairs in the Ghetto Heroes Square in the former Jewish ghetto symbolize the possessions left behind by the deportees as this public square was the main departure point to the concentration camps.

DSCF1638Schindler’s Factory is now a modern museum. These are photos of the 1,200 Jews on Schindler’s List who were spared the horrors of the concentration camps. He made up fictitious jobs for them to convince the Nazis that they were vital to the war effort.


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