Budapest – Pest side July 2014

Across the Danube on the Pest side of Budapest is where most of the population live and work.  It is also where the most notable landmark of Hungary, the Hungarian Parliament, is located.  It is currently the largest building in Hungary and the highest building in Budapest.  There are guided tours of the building but get quickly filled during peak season, so book ahead if you plan to see the inside of the Parliament.

DSCF1869The Hungarian Parliament

DSCF1997The Hungarian Parliament

DSCF2004Changing of guard at the Hungarian Parliament.

DSCF2013The Hungarian Parliament

DSCF1971Not far from the Parliament is the Shoes on the Danube memorial. This is to honor the Jews who were killed during World War II where they were ordered to remove their shoes before being shot into the river.

DSCF1912St. Stephen’s Basilica is a Roman Catholic basilica in Budapest. Equal in height with the Hungarian Parliament.

DSCF1920Do purchase a ticket and go up to the cupola and take a panoramic view of Budapest.

DSCF1921View from the top of St. Stephen’s Basilica.

DSCF1948Love the swirling staircases.

DSCF1958Art Nouveau style Post Office Savings Bank building.


DSCF2022 (1)House of Terror is the former headquarters of the secret police, where victims of the Facist and Communist regimes were detained, tortured, and killed.

DSCF2029House of Terror

DSCF2025House of Terror

DSCF2046The Hungarian State Opera House is a neo-Renaissance building located on Andrassy ut. There are frequent tours of the opera house you can join.

DSCF2048Beautiful fresco at the Hungarian State Opera House.

DSCF2063Inside the Opera House.






DSCF2098The vents underneath the chairs are for more sound than for ventilation.

DSCF2116Parisian Court or Parizsi Udvar is a derelict Art Deco Shopping Mall. The main entrance is located on Ferenciek tere. The building originally had shops on the lower floors and offices upstairs. It was then converted into apartments where most of its splendor was destroyed or covered up. Now, the building is empty and the arcade dark and derelict. It is sometimes locked up but luckily I was able to get in on the day I visited.

DSCF2109The highlight of the arcade is the vaulted roof made of colored glass.

DSCF2111Parisian Court

DSCF2112Parisian Court stained glass roof.

DSCF2041Lotz Terem is a beautiful cafe hidden on the 1st floor of Alexander book shop on Andrassy ut.

DSCF2043Lotz Terem cafe

DSCF2233Lotz Terem cafe

DSCF1965There is an extensive tram system in Budapest.

DSCF2021The Budapest Metro is the oldest electrified underground railway system on the European continent with this being the oldest station.

DSCF2235My favorite stop is the Szent Gellert Ter with its mosaic intergalactic theme.

DSCF2241Szent Gellert Ter metro stop.

DSCF2244Gellert Baths is part of the famous Hotel Gellert built in Art-Nouveau style in Budapest. The complex includes thermal baths and outdoor wave pools, as well as saunas and plunge pools.

DSCF2258Art-Nouveau style at the Gellert Baths.

DSCF2263A glimpse of the indoor pool at Gellert Baths.

DSCF1902All the monuments along the river light up at night and you can have a dinner cruise or just go to one of the restaurants along the Danube.

DSCF1901We had dinner at Spoon with it’s views of Buda Castle.

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