The Culture of Ruinpubs in Budapest July 2014

Ruinpub is the exact translation of its Hungarian name.  Ruinpubs are key to the nightlife of Budapest.  Not only are they very popular among the local youth, they are also becoming a tourist must see.  They are normally opened in derelict or abandoned tenement houses and factory buildings or at empty lots with old furniture from community centers, old apartments, or even city dumps.  The mish mash of furniture and decor lend a hippy retro feel to these watering holes, hence the name ruin pub.

Ruin pubs become not only places to drink but also places to host concerts, exhibitions, and creative workshops, etc.  Every ruinpub has a unique style and atmosphere, some indoors and some outdoors.  I went to Szimpla Kert which is one of the first ruin pubs in Budapest.  There were random seats from an old carousel from an amusement park as well as a cannibalized old Trabant car.

DSCF2212Szimpla Kert


DSCF2148Mish mash of rejected furniture.


DSCF2216Have a beer in this Trabant car.


DSCF2221Just as busy during the day – kind of like the neighborhood Starbucks.








On a side note, you will see many of these Pedal Bars around town. You drink beer and sightsee while riding a special bike. A bit silly I thought :)

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