Gardens by the Bay Feb 2015

Gardens by the Bay is built as a continuation of the goverment’s commitment to transform Singapore into a “Garden City” with lush greenery and outdoor spaces for the people.  The total area of the park is 250 acres by the Marina in central Singapore.  The most visited parts of the park are the two Conservatories, Flower Dome and Cloud Forest, and the Supertrees Grove.  The architecture of these buildings aims at minimizing the environmental impact with a rainwater collection system from the surface of the greenhouses that is then sent to be circulated in the cooling system at the Supertrees where hot air is vented.

We started out visit with lunch at the IndoChine atop the tallest Supertree.  They are open all day so do go up even just for a coffee.

DSCF0036Supertrees at the Gardens at the Bay

DSCF0014View of the top of the Supertrees from IndoChine restaurant.

DSCF0015Singapore Flyer in the distance.

DSCF0013View of the elevated walkway, OCBC Skyway, from IndoChine restaurant.

DSCF0033The Supertrees range between 25 and 50 meters in height.

DSCF0023IndoChine at the top.

DSCF0011OCBC Skyway



DSCF0018Do go up to the walkway for an aerial view of the Gardens.



DSCF0044Cloud Forest replicates the cool moist environment in tropical mountain regions.

DSCF0042View of the Marina Bay Sands from the Cloud Forest.

DSCF0037The Cloud Forest Waterfall

DSCF0039The Cloud Mountain is completely clad in orchids, ferns, moss, and other plants.

DSCF0054Descend the Cloud Mountain via the circular walkway.



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