Athens July 2015

We began our Greek adventures in the capital city of Athens.  The city is dotted with ancient ruins and I loved the mix of the old and the new next to each other.  Of course, a visit to the famous Acropolis and The New Acropolis Museum are musts.


DSCF0079Temple of Zeus surrounded by modern buildings


Even though our visit coincides with the vote on the referendum on the Greek’s latest bailout package, it was business as usual in Athens. There were still many tourists and cruise ships were still arriving everyday.


DSCF0060Temple of Athena up on Acropolis hill



DSCF0124The Herodes Atticus amphitheatre under the Acropolis hosts concerts and plays during the summer months.

DSCF0135Inside the New Acropolis Museum

DSCF0137The cafe at the New Acropolis Museum is a perfect place for a coffee break and a great view of the Acropolis.

DSCF0145Alternatively, explore the small streets radiating from the Acropolis and grab some Greek mezzes at one of the local cafes.

DSCF0149Also a must-do is to have dinner at a restaurant with the Acropolis view :) We went to Dionysos and had a wonderful evening there.


DSCF0166The old and the new


DSCF0164Famous greek sandal maker where I got my custom greek sandals :)

DSCF0169Another coffee break…

On the eve of the vote on the referendum, there was a big rally in front of the Parliament in Syntagma Square by the supporters of the no vote.  The roads around the square were all closed and started to fill with people.  We thought it would be easier to just stay put and eat at our hotel, the Grand Bretagne Hotel on the square.  From the roof terrace restaurant,  the rally sounded more like a music festival with lots of local singers and bands performing.

DSCF0184The rally in front of the Parliament in Syntagma Square

DSCF0187All the dinner guests were peering down at rally happening in the square below.



Cappadocia July 2013

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