White Pocket Oct 2015

The rain came back today and much heavier too. We were originally going to go to Buckskin Gulch but would be too dangerous in the canyon because of the flooding. A lot of the dirt roads to the trailheads were also flooded and part of the highway even got washed away overnight. Kyle, our guide, suggested we visit White Pocket instead. We passed by the Navajo Bridge en route and got a glimpse of the beginning of the Grand Canyon.

DSCF0435Navajo Bridge with the left for pedestrians and the right for cars.

DSCF0440The beginning of the Grand Canyon

DSCF0445Navajo Bridge

We were extremely lucky again because the rain stopped and the sun came out when we arrived at White Pocket. It is quite difficult to get there due to the deep sand and remote location. White Pocket looks like landscape from another planet, possibly Mars or the Moon.  The whole area is covered by a grey rocky layer above the red sandstone. There are areas where the layers are twisted like an enormous marble cake.

DSCF0527White Pocket

DSCF0505White Pocket




Other areas resembled brainrocks next to each other. It is almost unbelievable that the slidrocks are not man-made given their uniform polygonal shapes. Oftentimes, I felt like I was walking on the back of a giant tortoise or the tentacle of a giant octopus. It was an amazing few hours we spent there.



DSCF0552  DSCF0554


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