Tram Ride in Hong Kong Dec 2015

I have been asked by a friend how come there are no posts on Hong Kong where I am based, so I thought I’d take a tram ride one evening and take some photographs along the way.  I loved taking the tram when I was little but haven’t done so in close to 20 years.  Hong Kong has the largest fleet of double decker trams in the world and the trams have been running between the east and west ends of Hong Kong island since 1904.  The tram in Hong Kong is affectionately called the “ding ding” by the locals and is still used by 20,000 or so people daily.  There are over 100 stops in between the 13 km stretch.  Following the tram tracks that used to be built along the waterfront which are now many blocks away from the coast,  one can see the reclamation of land and changes to the city over the years.

I took the train from the Happy Valley depot to the terminus in Shau Kei Wan on the eastern end of the island.  Back in the days, Shau Kei Wan mainly served as a typhoon shelter for local fishermen and ships that sailed into the Victoria Harbor.  Now Shau Kei Wan is densely populated like the rest of Hong Kong but old temples and buildings are still dotted here and there.  The main street here is known as one of the “food streets” in Hong Kong with loyal customers frequenting these local restaurants offering authentic street eats.

DSCF0001Grabbing a seat on the upper level of the tram.



DSCF0010Actually very pleasant mode of transport in this busy city…ok, maybe not in the summer…


DSCF0023Rarely see the roads this empty…


Cool ceiling “fresco” on this tram.


DSCF0027Took about an hour to get from Happy Valley to Shau Kei Wan.

I will try to do the other half of the tram ride towards the western end of the island, Kennedy Town, soon.

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  1. very nice! I havent take the ride since I moved to shenzhen in 2014,I guess I shall visit HK more often.
    the road just along US embassy (Garden st?) I took my X100 at the time and walked all the way to the top of hill at the time.
    looking forward to see more of your post!

    P.S since I am on the otherside of Great Wall, Facebook, Instagram is not working so I leave you my current site to share some of my foto, enjoy it!

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