Tobago Cays Feb 2018

We made a day trip from Grenada out to the island of Carriacou which means Isle of Reefs and is the largest island in the Grenadines.  There are no large resorts or cruise ships visiting here.  It is quiet and relaxed and has that undiscovered feel to it.  Things haven’t changed much over the years.  You can take a ferry from St. George in Grenada to the island, have lunch and hang out at idyllic Paradise Beach.  Alternatively you can fly to Carriacou like we did which only takes 20 minutes and then have a private speedboat take you out to the Tobago Cays where you can see beautiful deserted islands, snorkel over coral reefs, and swim with the sea turtles.  The Tobago Cays is made of five uninhabited islands protected by a horseshoe reef and is part of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.  The trip was planned for us by Simply Carriacou.  It was quite expensive but very well executed.

20180228_091554Leaving Grenada


We were picked up from our flight and driven to the pier to board our speedboat.  We first stopped at Anse La Roche which is one of the beaches where turtles often nest.  The beach is only accessible by boat or by hiking over the hill.  We did not get off the boat  and instead continued to the private Palm Island where we swam in the shallow water.  From Palm Island, we headed to the Cays where we snorkelled over some reefs and swam with some turtles.  We docked at Baradal which is a deserted island with many cacti and iguanas roaming around.  The views of the area from the top of Baradal, especially the glimmering turquoise waters, were absolutely breathtaking.  From Baradal, we went to a beautiful beach on Petite Ramier for our BBQ lobster lunch.  After lunch, we continued on to Salt Whistle Bay in Mayreau for some more swimming and drinking at the beach bars.   After an invigorating day, we stopped by the bar on Happy Island off the coast of Union Island.  Happy Island started with some conch shells and expanded to what it is today.  The friendly owner Janti operates a bar here and you can swim over for a drink and some good conversation.  From Happy Island, we headed back to Carriacou to catch the last flight back to St. George, Grenada.

DSCF9563Leaving Carriacou for Tobago Cays

DSCF9567Anse La Roche where turtles come to nest

DSCF9577Palm Island

DSCF9580Palm Island







DSCF9608Iguanas on Baradal


DSCF9629Petite Ramier


DSCF9632Petite Ramier

DSCF9634These are probably the largest and best grilled lobsters I’ve ever had!

DSCF9636Petite Ramier

DSCF9642Salt Whistle Bay in Mayreau

DSCF9648Salt Whistle Bay

DSCF9654Last bar on the beach at Salt Whistle Bay

DSCF9676Happy Island

DSCF9661Happy Island


DSCF9666Happy Bar



The Tobago Cays were absolutely stunning!  The crystal clear turquoise waters are nothing like what I have seen elsewhere.  I had a truly wonderful day there although my back was completely sunburnt from the swimming and snorkelling.  Perhaps next time, we will rent a catamaran for a week and sail for a bit in that area of the Grenadines.  I will definitely be back!

Next stop on our Caribbean holiday is Barbados.  Stay tuned!

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