Arenal Oasis Frog Watching Feb 2019

This evening we go for a frog watching night walk at the Arenal Oasis Ecolodge not far from our hotel, Nayara Spa & Gardens in La Fortuna.  Arenal Oasis is a small reserve with plenty of nocturnal animals such as spiders, bats, and in particular frogs.  As the sky grew darker, you start to hear the noise of the forest.  Crickets and grasshoppers chirping and all the different frogs croaking, ribbiting, grunting, and even barking.  I am by no means a fan of frogs but these tiny frogs are all very cute and pretty.  Of the 11 species we saw, my favorite is definitely the most photographed red-eyed tree frog native to the rainforests of Central America and if Costa Rica were to have a national frog, it would be this one.

DSCF4725Pygmy robber frog

DSCF4727The pygmy robber frog looks like it is wearing eyeliner

DSCF4728Strawberry or blue jeans poison dart frogs

DSCF4732Masked tree frog looks like it is wearing a green mask

DSCF4755Masked tree frog

DSCF4766Masked tree frog

IMG_20190211_201950_638Glass frog actually has no color.  Its translucent skin allows you to see its internal organs and provides great camouflage.

IMG_20190211_201912_868Shining my torch from underneath, you can see the internal organs and vessels and veins of the glass frog.  Pretty cool!

DSCF4735Crickets mating


DSCF4753Masked tree frog


DSCF4779Red-eyed tree frog has these red eyes as a defense mechanism.  When threatened, they open their eyes and the bright red color surprises the predators, giving them those precious few seconds to escape.




Web footed frog

While Costa Rica’s rainforests are still teeming with frogs, many species around the world are facing extinction.  Amphibians are known to be more susceptible to environmental and climate change than other animals.  It was a great opportunity to see them before they disappeared.

Next post will be on my day trip to the Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge.  Stay tuned!

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