FujiLove Magazine Interview June 2019

Hi everyone, my latest interview with FujiLove Magazine is out in the June issue of the magazine.  FujiLove Magazine (http://fujilove.com/) is a subscription based monthly publication with images, interviews, and articles centered around the Fujifilm X system.  Its website is the number one online resource for Fujifilm X users with tips and articles written by the top Fuji users in the world such as Damien Lovegrove and Karen Hutton.  Because the magazine is a paid subscription publication, I cannot post the entire interview here.  Here are some of the pages.  Thank you FujiLove for the opportunity to share my thoughts and images with the Fuji community!











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Cappadocia July 2013

Cappadocia is a historical region in Central Anatolia of Turkey.  Ancient volcanic eruptions covered this region with thick ash which solidified into a soft rock.

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  1. Congratulations on being interviewed for the magazine! I love the FujiLove Magazine and was fortunate to have an article published in the December 2018 issue. I read your interview in the June 2019 issue and was intrigued by your stunning image on page 56 of the fisherman with the gas lamp. Truly an outstanding image. Keep up the fantastic work!

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