Slovenia Landscape Photography July 2019

Accompanied by Polish landscape photographer Piotr Skrzypiec who is based in Slovenia, I embarked on my short journey around Slovenia.  We went from the beguiling capital to the fairy-tale-like Lake Bled to ancient castles to mysterious caves to the beautiful Soca River and its waterfalls to breathtaking landscapes dotted with small churches to the wine country to Venetian seaside towns.  What I hoped to learn was how to use neutral density filters and polarizers as well as trying my hand at long exposure landscape photography.  Landscape photography requires researching and scouting out the good spots (which Piotr showed me his favorite ones), the weather to cooperate, getting up super early for the best light during the blue hour just before sunrise, some leg work carrying your equipment and hiking to the right spot, and then waiting for that precious ten to twenty minute window when everything is just right.  Getting up everyday at 3am is tough!  Especially in the summer months when the days are long and sunset (another prime time for photos) is not until 9pm.  It’s true what my friend and fellow photographer, Marisa, said that after a couple days of only getting a few hours of sleep, you will be able to doze off anywhere anytime, even if only for 15 minutes.  Even though I was only getting about 3 hours of sleep a day and eating mostly gas station sandwiches (salami and cheese seemed like a local favorite), I had a thoroughly wonderful time.  I think I still prefer photographing places, the people, and their stories, but I am glad I learned a new skill and I am looking forward to doing more landscape photography in the future.  Check out some of my photos from this photo workshop 🤓

DSCF8938St Primus Church in Jamnik

DSCF8934St Primus Church in Jamnik


DSCF8968St Thomas Church

DSCF0074Getting set up


DSCF0075Apparently it is rare to have this kind of morning mist in the summer months.  Super lucky!

DSCF8986St Thomas Church

DSCF8994St Thomas Church

DSCF8996St Thomas Church shrouded in the morning mist


DSCF9037Lago di Pradil just across the border in Italy

DSCF0099Lago di Pradil

DSCF9050Soca River is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe because of its crystal clear turquoise color.

DSCF9056Heading to the beautiful Kozjak Waterfall


DSCF9069Kozjak Waterfall


DSCF0162Out in wine country in southern Styria waiting for the blue hour just after sunset at the heart-shaped road.


DSCF9319The story goes that the road builders got drunk and veered off the original building plans and then had to correct themselves hence creating this heart-shaped road.

DSCF9322I manned the cameras while Piotr drove his car back and forth which is no easy task because he had to drive relatively fast on this narrow road to create these light trails.


DSCF9326Early morning capturing the mists over the Ljubljana marshes which covers about an area of 160km² and is a natural area of swamps and peat bogs.

DSCF0167Since I am a novice, much of my camera settings are by trial and error.  Good thing I have Piotr here to guide me!

DSCF0166St Anne Church up on a hill from where we photographed the Ljubljana marshes

DSCF9334Ljubljana marshes


DSCF9350Love how the morning rays of light creates all these shadows just like a painting


20190808_224619-01My first set of camera filters arrived! Can’t wait to use them

Even though I was completely knackered, I truly am grateful for this experience!  Thank you again Piotr for sharing with me your craft and personal tips and shortcuts you accumulated from years of doing this!

In the next two posts, I will talk about an interesting church with a Dance of Death mural and our trip out to the Venetian seaside town of Piran and some sunset shots.  Stay tuned!

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  1. Your photos are absolutely stunning! Is Piotr available for photo tours in Slovenia? We are traveling to Lake Bled for 5 days and are looking for someone to explore it with, thanks, Aiva

      1. I would definitely recommend Piotr. He is a very passionate landscape photographer as well as a licensed guide. We did super long days only getting 3 hours a sleep for me so probably even less for Piotr since he has to drop me off and pick me up, yet he was always cheerful and excited when the weather cooperated. If you want to learn about long exposure photography, Piotr is very willing to share his personal tips and tricks etc. Anyways I plan to do a photo workshop with him every year going forward 😀 Piotr is also familiar with Croatia, Tuscany, Czech Republic etc so it’s not just limited to Slovenia

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