Antarctica 4: Penguins on Floating Iceberg Feb 2020

As we left Brown Bluff and crossed the Antarctic Sound to head back towards the western coast of the Antarctic Peninsula, we came across a giant floating iceberg with hundreds of penguins on it.  We were actually all seated in the dining room having our dinners when we saw this giant iceberg with a large patch of brownish color which is the guano of the penguins.  Almost everyone immediately scrambled back to their cabins for their photographic equipments to capture this amazing sight.  I forgot to mention that there was a photography tour group led by Art Wolfe on board.  They took up over half the ship and some were very serious photographers.  So serious that they will snap at you if you accidentally walk by in front of them while they were hunkered down behind a rock waiting for the shot.  I got yelled at a couple times but both times I honestly did not realize there was someone lining up a shot because they use these mega zoom lenses and were quite far away.  I heard there was quite a bit of argument and competition within the group.  Anyways, back to the giant iceberg.  The captain circled around the iceberg for us to observe many Chinstrap and some Gentoo penguins trying to jump and scramble up the side of the iceberg with their peers who are safely “ashore” watching on.  It was so much fun watching them that I forgot I was not even wearing my jacket and my hands were completely frozen.

Cruised by a giant iceberg with a large colony for penguins








This is probably one of my favorite experiences on this cruise.  It was so much fun to watch these penguins that there was an overall sigh of disappointment when we had leave and head toward our next destination which is Neko Harbour.  Stay tuned!

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