Antarctica 8: Paradise Bay Feb 2020

Paradise Bay is lauded as one of the most beautiful locations on the Antarctic Peninsula.  Everything that is Antarctica can be found here: steel-blue waters, giant glaciers, icebergs, gentoo penguins, crabeater seals, and whales.  It is frequented by whalers since the 1920s who coined the name “Paradise Harbor” until commercial whaling was banned here in 1986.  Nowadays, Paradise Bay and Neko Harbor are the only two harbors used for cruise ships to stop on the white continent and is also home to Argentina’s Almirante Brown Antarctic Base and Chile’s Gonzalez Videla Antarctic Base.  Argentina’s Almirante Brown Antarctic Base sits on top of a rocky perch and has been in operation since 1951 although only open in the summer months since 1984.  We saw some of the staff busy packing and getting ready to close up the station as we are soon entering the end of the summer season.   Paradise Bay is truly a perfect place for zodiac rides to spot whales, see the seals resting on the icebergs, and the calving of the glaciers.

DSCF2587Arriving at Paradise Bay! Time to get geared up again…


DSCF2592Argentina’s Almirante Brown Antarctic Base


DSCF2602Argentina’s Almirante Brown Antarctic Base in Paradise Bay



DSCF5889The zodiac was bobbing up and down too much for me to get a good shot of the whales hanging around the area.



Crabeater Seal popping up to say hello


DSCF2603Small colony of blue-eyed shags

DSCF5940Blue-eyed Shag


DSCF5962Calving of the glacier

DSCF5979These two seals are both injured, not sure if they are exhausted from the fight or actually dead…

DSCF6017Weddell Seal

DSCF6015Weddell Seal


DSCF2630 (1)Passenger photographing the sunset as we leave Paradise Bay


DSCF6032Spotted some ocras and the captain turned the ship around to follow them for a bit


DSCF6081Ocra spotted


Time to leave the Antarctic Peninsula 😢  From Paradise Bay on the Antarctic Peninsula, we sailed northeast towards Deception Island of the South Shetland Islands.  Stay tuned!

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  1. Omg! These are such extremely gorg pics. Hands down some of the best ones I’ve seen of Antarctica’s. So jealous! This is a bucket list of mine, almost like a long-term goal indeed. Congrats on such a once in a lifetime experience and hi from a new follower!

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