AlUla 4: Rocks of AlUla, Dec 2022

Over the milenia, a whole gallery of rocks here in AlUla has been sculpted by wind and water. The most well-known and visited is Elephant Rock, also known as Jabal Alfil.  Standing 52 meters tall, it has been shaped by the forces of nature to resemble an elephant with its trunk touching the ground.  There is a sunken cafe for visitors to admire the mighty rock especially beautiful after sunset when the giant rock gets lit up.
Elephant Rock viewed from my helicopter ride

Aerial view of the rock formations of the area from my helicopter ride

Vessel Rock viewed from Elephant Rock

Vessel Rock

Harrat Viewpoint

Face Rock amid Hegra’s tombs

The Arch Rock, also known as Rainbow Rock, north of AlUla.
I was told that the line of pebbles embedded in the rock suggests that the entire area was once underwater.
The rocks of AlUla are truly something else.  The area is an outdoor museum of majestic rock formations interrupting the desert landscape.
Next post will be on Al Gharameel, another area with some incredible rock formations.  Stay tuned!

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