Monserrate Palace, Sintra Dec 2019

A less visited but still beautiful palace in Sintra is the Monserrate Palace.  This palace surrounded by beautiful gardens is a blend of Arabic, Gothic, and Indian architectural styles.  The actual palace was imagined by an Englishman, Sir Francis Cook, who decided to build a summer residence from the ruins of a pre-existent neo-gothic palace from around 1860.  Francis Cook was a textile millionaire and the 1st Viscount of Monserrate and envisioned this palace with bits and pieces from his travels abroad, especially to India and the Middle East.  The palace has been extensively restored and I especially like the elaborate stone and plaster work here.  It is a charming little palace and a very outstanding example of Sintra Romanticism.  I’m glad I managed to find the time even just for a short visit.


DSCF1189Triton Fountain at the entrance to the Palace



DSCF3270The gallery flanked by pink marble columns connects the three towers of the palace.

DSCF3267The beautiful octagonal atrium


DSCF3275One of the most standout rooms in the palace is the Music Room with intricate plasterwork on the dome.

DSCF3278The high relief door to the library


DSCF3298Mable stairwell with a photograph of the owner of the palace, Francis Cook.


DSCF3295Looking down at the main hall with a Carrara marble fountain at its center.



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