Antarctica 6: Lemaire Channel Feb 2020

Lemaire Channel is the most famous channel off the Antarctic Peninsula where all cruise ships come.  It runs for 11 km and is 1.6 km wide between the mountains of Booth Island and the Antarctic Peninsula.  The interesting thing is that this channel is only visible when you are almost inside it.  It was discovered in 1870 but only first navigated in 1898 by Belgian Adrien de Gerlache who named it after another Belgian explorer who was well known for his Congo expeditions.  Lemaire Channel is nicknamed “Kodak Gap” because of the always calm protected waters here reflecting the cliffs, glaciers, and icebergs on both sides like a mirror.  Basically it is said that no one can take a bad photo here.  Also due to the calm waters, it is almost guaranteed to spot whales and seals here.  We arrived Lemaire Channel quite early in the morning and I didn’t even have time to wash my face!  I just threw on my down jacket and ski pants over my pajamas and ran up to the bridge with my cameras to watch the ship navigate the channel.

DSCF2492View from my balcony as we enter Lemaire Channel.


DSCF2499Lemaire Channel is nicknamed “Kodak Gap” because of the always calm protected waters here reflecting the cliffs, glaciers, and icebergs on both sides like a mirror.


DSCF2502It is really quite a dreamy scene with the morning mist still lingering…


DSCF5792Seal spotted resting on a passing iceberg.


DSCF5778Crabeater seal



After crossing the Lemaire Channel, we arrived at Port Charcot in the northwestern part of Booth Island for our landing.  Time to gear up again.  Stay tuned!

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  1. Enjoyed your Antarctica series thoroughly. Thank you for sharing, this helped to cheer me up amidst this whole lockdown situation where you need to postpone all your travel plans. Absolutely loved all the photos. You’re so lucky to have been on this journey!

    1. No traveling for 5 months already….tough….cancelled all the summer and fall travel plans already 😢hope can travel again late this year! Stay safe wherever you are 😀

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