Yunnan: Shengcun Village, Sep 2023

Shengcun Village (胜村), conveniently situated in the middle of all the scenic spots of Yuanyang Rice Terraces, is where most visitors stay.  It was market day on our last day there and the streets were lined with locals selling snacks, fresh produce, and trinkets.  The Yi and Hani people gather here from nearby areas to sell, exchange, and buy all kinds of fresh vegetables, meats, and daily necessities.  It is easy to differentiate between the Yi and Hani minorities.  The Yi women generally wear embroidered clothes matched with black head cloths and silver hair pieces.  Yi women are said to be all good at embroidery and if a girl cannot embroider well, it will be difficult for her to find a husband.  In contrast, the Hani traditional clothing is less colorful and is made of dark blue fabric with some black embroidery.  They wear long pants and black or blue head cloths.  Some of the younger women showed up at the market fully made up, I wonder whether they were hoping to find a boyfriend or husband there.

All dolled up complete with the fake Hermes bag!


Awww… they like her beans more than mine….

This cheeky kid suddenly turned around, gave me the finger, and laughed as they walked away… I wasn’t prepared for this shot so it’s not focused properly. Hopefully, I can salvage it in photoshop :)  Guess nowadays the finger has become universal language?


From Yuanyang, we headed to the old city of Jianshui.  Stay tuned!

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