Faces of Central Java Jan 2020

Yogyakarta means “a city that is fit to prosper” and is named after Ayodhya which was the birthplace of Rama from the Indian Ramayana epic. 


Prambanan Temple Central Java Jan 2020

Most probably built to rival the Buddhist Borobudur temple 19 km away is the 9th century Hindu Prambanan temple in Yogyakarta.  Prambanan, dedicated to the


The Javanese Kris Jan 2020

On my recent trip to Central Java, I had the privilege of visiting the most famous kris maker in Yogyakarta, Empu Jeno Harumbrojo.  The Keris


Borobudur, Central Java Jan 2020

I vaguely remember coming to Yogyakarta and Borobudur as a child with my family.  Sometimes memory is a strange thing, you remember the most random

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