Narai-juku, April 2023

The Nakasendo Way, translates to the “middle mountain way”, once connected Edo (now Tokyo) to Kyoto during the Edo Period (1603-1868).  Traders preferred the more


Matsumoto, April 2023

Haven’t visited Japan in a while, this time other than Tokyo, we wanted to spend a couple days at an onsen ryokan to soak away


Teshima May 2018

If you are in Naoshima, a side trip to the neighboring Teshima island is highly recommended.  We took a 20-minute ferry ride from Miyanoura Port


Naoshima Part 2 May 2018

All the art sites of Naoshima mentioned in my previous post are located on the southern coast of the island.  There are some more art


Naoshima Part 1 May 2018

I have wanted to visit the art island Naoshima for many years already and finally this year I was organized enough to book the only


Kyoto: Otagi Nenbutsu-ji May 2018

Otagi Nenbutsu Temple outside of Arashiyama houses a collection of 1,200 whimsical statues representing the disciples of Buddha called rakans.  Kocho Nishimura, the head priest


Kyoto: Bamboo Forest & Gion May 2018

Sagano Bamboo Forest at Arashiyama is another highlight in Kyoto not to be missed.  It is an easy train ride from Kyoto Station to Saga


Saihoji Moss Temple May 2018

Going with the flow and just winging it when visiting new places is fun but more and more often now advance planning is required in

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