Turkestan, Kazakhstan Sep 2019

From Almaty, I flew to Shymkent in the southern part of Kazakhstan close to the border with Uzbekistan.  It is the third largest city after


Tamgaly, Kazakhstan Sep 2019

Today we head to Tamgaly gorge about 3 hours drive northwest of Almaty in Kazakhstan.  Tamgaly means “painted place” in Turkic language and is a


Environs of Almaty Sep 2019

Outside of Almaty, in the northern part of the Tien Shan mountain range called Ile Alatau, sits Big Almaty Lake at 2,511 meters above sea level. 


Almaty, Kazakhstan Sep 2019

I have been wanting to visit Central Asia for a while now and finally all the visas are applied, and drivers and guides booked for

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