Hong Kong


Man Mo Temple of Hong Kong May 2021

Man Mo Temple on Hollywood Road is one of the best known and most photographed temples in Hong Kong.  “Man” translates to civil and “Mo”


Po Toi Island, Hong Kong May 2021

Time for another adventure in Hong Kong! 😃 The destination this time is Po Toi Island (蒲台島) which is the main island of the Po Toi


Wisdom Path, Ngong Ping April 2021

Many people visit Tai O together with Ngong Ping in the western part of Lantau Island, home to the Tian Tan Buddha. Tian Tan Buddha is


Tai O Fishing Village April 2021

Since traveling abroad is still out of the question, I might as well explore more of Hong Kong where I live.  I’m ashamed to say


Tsz Shan Monastery March 2021

It’s been a year since I have written a blog post, travelled, or even picked up my camera.  Last week I had the privilege of visiting


Tram Ride in Hong Kong Dec 2015

I have been asked by a friend how come there are no posts on Hong Kong where I am based, so I thought I’d take

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