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AlUla 6: Dadan and Jabal Ikmah, Dec 2022

Another significant discovery in the oasis of AlUla is the city of Dadan, capital of the Dadan and Lihayan Kingdoms. Due to its proximity to

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AlUla 5: Al Gharameel, Dec 2022

About an hour and half north of AlUla is Al Gharameel, the perfect place to sit in the desert and stargaze.  Unfortunately, my visit coincided

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AlUla 4: Rocks of AlUla, Dec 2022

Over the milenia, a whole gallery of rocks here in AlUla has been sculpted by wind and water. The most well-known and visited is Elephant

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AlUla 2: Hegra, Dec 2022

Coming to AlUla, especially Hegra, is like traveling back in time to this once busting and now nearly forgotten Nabatean city where archaeologists are still

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AlUla 1: Banyan Tree & Maraya Dec 2022

After seeing a photograph of the lone monolith that is the Tomb of Lihyan in a travel magazine during the peak of Covid19, I decided

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Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Dec 2022

After several years of pandemic hiatus, I am excited to be traveling again and this time to Saudi Arabia where tourist visas were launched for

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